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Friday, 1 June 2012

First of the month. Really? Already? Yeah, get over it. Oh shit. Okay.

Well, yes it is June! Oh la la.
I'd like to say a big old thank you to all my lovely new followers (& the old & loyal ones) but this month I had a lil ad over on Skunkboy & was doing an exclusive giveaway for those who came here via her. I was meant to be giving away one little I Know goody bag, but, to be honest, I sort of thought I'd get about 5 comments (I was actually dreading the embarrassment of not getting any comments on it). So, instead I am giving away three.
In the end I had 57 comments which blew me away - I boringly used a random number generator to pick the comment for the winners.
Winners are Peneloping, Trisha, & Erika.
Please gimmie a message with your address & I'll send you your goodies.

 I've also decided to start a little list of things I'd like to achieve every month when it comes to I Know.
This is my first list, so I'm trying to make it realistic.
- Organise studio (& keep it tidy!!)
- Reorganise my Etsy shop.
- Write press releases & contact people. (At least somebody!)
- Make a plan for the summer.
- Upload my summer shapes.
- Start to plan A/W.

I'm sure there are a ton more things but this is already probs too many for me to actually do.
Hmm anyway happy June :)

PS: I'll be buying new fabric next week so would greatly appreciate some feedback pleeease. Click here to vote for your fav fabrics.


  1. I like that organize your studio is on the top of your list. Makes me feel better that cleaning up my sewing area is almost continually on the top of mine. hehe
    This is probably a dumb question but what are summer shapes?

    1. Not a dumb question at all - I thought it looked funny when I wrote it. By summer shapes I mean my new designs for the summer dresses :)

  2. Oh yay how exciting!!! I just sent you an email :)

    1. Thanks - sorry for the delay, will be sending them this week.

  3. I've recently started to follow you blog and it's so inspiring to read about your I know-plans. Keep up the good work and you'll reach far!
    I'm from Sweden so you have obviously already reached outside England :)

    1. Hi there Anna! It's so amazing to have people from other parts of the world having a look at my little blog, glad you like it :)

  4. oh my goodness!!! and how awesome that so many new people came to visit you =)

    1. I know - such a nice surprise. Sorry about not sending the goodies sooner, they will be in the post on Monday (I'm too disorganised, hah)


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