Beth Pegler Winter Look Book

Monday, 3 December 2018

(Photographs by Maytree Photography)

As I slowly start to awaken all the corners of the internet that once had life but have been hibernating for a somewhat extended season, I could think of no better images than these beautiful ones from the Beth Pegler winter lookbook.

Beth makes striking rope jewellery and I was so happy when she asked if she could borrow a few pieces from my new collection to style for her next shoot. The textures of these images make me feel soft and calm. The perfect combination of that bright winter sun and matt velvet and cotton.

It's pretty representative of how I feel at the moment, slowly stretching my limbs and slightly bleary eyed breathing a little life into the different aspects of my creative process and business. One step at a time I think, trying to remind myself to take it slow...

You can see Beth's work here and the whole of my new collection in my shop or on Etsy.

If you're still out there... 👋 HEYA 👋 ... I promise to be back a little more regularly :)


Saturday, 10 February 2018

Getting the blog back up and running with a little bit of life (as that is what has been happening these last two years). These are a few of my film pics from last summer. Many days rolling around on the floor with a newly crawling babe that seems a long way away from the crazy crawling climbing kid that is always currently covered in mud and woollens.

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