Monday, 19 December 2011

I've been reliving my youth & making salt dough decorations. Mine were a little more safe than Rob's, I used some little pastry cutters.

The recipe I used was:
  • 2 cups of plain flour
  • 1 cup of table salt
  • 1 cup of water
Which was enough to make, well, a lot!
Try it yourself, it's super fun. (but don't be tempted to eat it, it tastes... salty).

More, More, More...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011, fabric, screen prints, & orders!

Last Sunday I did Totnes Art & Craft Fair, it was a horribly wet & windy day. Which meant in turn most people were at home snuggled in front of the fire & telly, where we wanted to be. After a very slow morning we packed up early, Rob did sell a painting however, HURRAH! Totally unexpected, making it all worth while.

My day was also brightened by my very first Esty sale, & all the way from Australia. I can't wait to get cracking on making it, a sign of what is to come I hope. I also have an order from a friend & Exeter market on Saturday to be getting ready for this week.

Today my new order of Monaluna fabrics have arrived, they are even more beautiful than I'd imagined. Cannot wait to start creating with them.

In other news, new screen print! Our first using 2 screens for a double colour effect. I love it.


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Last weekend I did my first fair, it was a bit of a muddle but it was only in my village so quite a good practice run. I was displaying my dresses but ended up selling mainly these little vintage tea-cup candles "tea lights" that I had made up that day with a bunch of my granddads old crockery & some beeswax I'd ordered online.

This Sunday I will be at the Totnes Christmas Art and Craft Fair, having a stall with Helen Melland & Rob Mason. The week after I'll be in Exeter, busy busy, I hope to sell a little more but would be happy for people to take my card & have a think about organic clothing would be nice.
Above: Us at the Lustleigh Christmas Fair. Me with an array of disorganised makes & Rob Mason with some 'friendly taxidermy'

Final Winter Photos

Friday, 2 December 2011

These are a few of my favorites from my photo shoot on Wednesday with Beci. She has edited them perfectly as I wanted them to look retro to match the style & shapes of my dress.
Soon I will do a proper website. & also I am going to order new fabrics from Monaluna which I am very excited about.
This weekend I am doing a small market in my village to promote my dresses & sell some Christmassy bits & bobs. I have a lot to do...

Lights. Camera. Action.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Today I have been doing a belated Autumn/Winter shoot with photographer friend Beci McDonald. It was such a fun & tiring day but I am just so excited to see the photos & get some decent ones to send out to people, use to create a proper website & even get round to making myself some business cards. Beci will be sending them over beautifully edited soon, which is just too great.

For now, here is a little video that Rob did for me of the day & the shoot.

Holidays Are Coming...

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Well, not really, but I seem to be doing a lot of preparing & it's getting busy busy.

Over the next three weekends I am going to be doing stalls around Devon, so we have decided to cash in on the Christmas shoppers & make some special Christmassy bits to sell. I've teamed up with artist (& friendly boy) Rob Mason to make cards. By 'team up' I mean, I forced him to do the illustrations whilst I did all the computer editing, photoshopping & ordering off line. We've ordered them off Moo so hopefully they will arrive this week with some gorgeous red envelopes.
 We will be selling them for £2 each or £5 for 3.
Feel free to send us & someone else some Christmas love.

Other Christmas items to follow.
(bunting, xmas decs, candels, etc.)

Knickers & Knitters

Friday, 18 November 2011

This week I have made some funny little undies out of my lovely organic cotton, these are just practice ones, but I am hoping to make a few more sets to sell at Christmas markets. I think they make very cute presents, especially for someone special (or yourself).
These are some inspirational examples; lovely catwalk bralet combos, & Free People, who I just discovered & think are gorgeous, do a lovely lot of bloomers.

'Knit Infested' was a stall me & my friend Iona had at our village Dickensian market when we were about 14/15, I think we made about £100 selling chunky knitted hats, which isn't too bad really.
Now Iona is doing neuroscience & I am still preparing to do the village Christmas market...
How things (don't) change.
I am doing a photo shoot with a photographer friend in a few weeks to get some good proper pics of my dresses, but I wanted some accessories, especially wintery ones, so am making some knitted goodies, I might try & sell these too. Knitting is therapeutic.

Oh Grandma...

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

what big eyes you have! I have made this cape. My mama gave me an old velvet curtain that she was going to throw out, & I just had to make it into this little circular cape.
Ever since seeing Jane Eyre I have been feeling inspired by the clothing in the film, but at last I got round to making something.
I'm also really into using bias tape to edge things at the moment, it makes such a lovely finish & can look lovely in a contrasting colour too. (The navy trim on the yellow cape).

I also made my sister this dress for her interviews last week (she got offered both jobs), she's a real grown up doctor lady, so I had to make something a little more simple & sophisticated, but still bold using the gorgeous Peony print organic cotton.
MATCHING MATCHING! Just for giggles.

Remember Remember

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The evenings are feeling chilly & it smells of autumny wintery goodness. But luckily it is warm(ish) in my studio so I have been busy making some little skirts & finishing off my screen printed T-shirts & sweatshirts.
Check out all tees & sweats here!

In Totnes market on Friday I bought this very tiny little sewing machine, to add to my ever growing collection. I like it.

Bags Of Fun

Monday, 31 October 2011

This weekend I went to visit my sister in Brighton, she was doing Videopia at White Night.
We had a lovely weekend eating a lot & wondering around antique shops & cafes, I only took my film SLR so pics will have to wait.

I bought this lovely plate from the Flea Market, it's 'Beardy Man' by Donna Wilson & I got it for under half the price of what they are new.

I want to have the matching egg cup!

(& I love his rosie cheeks)

Also, when it comes to makes I have done the following; a tote bag! I know that maybe I have gone a bit crazy putting this design on everything, but it's my favourite, so I am allowed to. It's a tote that is perfect for A4, made from 100% organic cotton on the outside & inside is vintage fabric (a lovely old bed sheet that I have been ripping up), it also has an inside pocket to put your phone & wallet, I need to add a little button to make sure nobody goes picking a pocket or two, but this one I am keeping for myself anyway. If you would like me to make you one, I'll charge you twelve English pounds & would be happy.
Oh & another thing, I have made a purse for a friends lady friend, I hope she likes it, making things for other girls as presents is tricky, I'm a perfectionist in my mind but not in reality.
I make my wallets from recycled leather from a local cobblers & the lining is from the recycling centre, I love buying from there. Here are some images.
I can make you one of these too, £20 please :)


Thank you, happy Halloweeeeeen!

Sample Sale & Chin's Dress

Monday, 24 October 2011

I'm having a sample sale of my 3 sample dresses. I made these dresses as a tester to see how the fabric worked, get some promo photos & try out some different styles.
I am selling them off at cost price though as I am not going forward with all these shapes & would like them to go to a good home.
They are all lined, & nicely finished & have only been worn in one photo shoot.
They are a small (8/10).
Please email me if you are interested :)
I have also made a bespoke dress for my good friend Chinnie. She's going to a wedding next week & wanted something special. I did a knee length full skirt, with pockets, a fitted top with a round collar & vintage buttons down the front. I will get her to model some proper pictures for my portfolio at some point (not just in my kitchen).

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