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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Today I have been doing a belated Autumn/Winter shoot with photographer friend Beci McDonald. It was such a fun & tiring day but I am just so excited to see the photos & get some decent ones to send out to people, use to create a proper website & even get round to making myself some business cards. Beci will be sending them over beautifully edited soon, which is just too great.

For now, here is a little video that Rob did for me of the day & the shoot.


  1. So cute Izzy! You look beautiful. I'm so sad my scarves didn't get there in time. Really looking forward to seeing the photos, maybe we can get our acts together to do something next time one of us has a shoot. You guys make me wish I hadn't had all my hair chopped off! x

  2. How fun!!!

  3. Thanks Siobhan, still feeling super silly for my mistake. Defo collaborate another time, I'm already planning my Spring shoot ideas. Oh dear.


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