i n s p i r e d : Marni for H&M.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

After the sell out Versace for H&M, I am now totally obsessed with the Marni H&M collection coming on 8th March. Unfortunately one of my new years resolutions was to buy no clothes until June! Which is going very well, but also total torture at times. I may have to break it when this collection comes out, I NEED the swimsuit. The fabrics & shapes are stunning, oh gosh, so lovely basically. & the ad is directed by Sofia Coppola, just perfect.

Studio Sunday: Sun, Spring & Sweatshirts!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Today has been a lazy Sunday, it's been splendidly sunny & such a feeling of spring. We actually had brunch outside (okay it was very very chilly) but things are looking up.

I can't share any photos of my studio today as it is just such a mess. Like, an unbelievable mess. But I have been taking photographs of my sweatshirts that I am trying to clear. I bought a bunch of sweatshirts a few months ago, & set about the long process of creating my own screens at home (lots of staple gunning & paint stains on tables). But since then I decided to focus on my dresses. I still enjoy screen printing, & want to print some of my own fabric to make into skirts & dresses, but for now I want to sell the last of my tees & sweats & focus on creating a lovely summer range - I have too many ideas for photo shoots & dresses & need to collect my thoughts & ideas & create something!

But for now, here are my sweatshirts, if I really love all the designs (I know I designed them but shhh), & if I could keep them myself I would, but I already have a ton of sweatshirts & I realised that my very undignified uniform for most days is an old school PE jumper & a pair of leggings. May not be super stylish, but you can't argue with comfort!

Gosh, I am such a rambler, must learn to be more concise in my words, I love to natter is the probs.

I've really got that Sunday feeling today, I think I shall have a bath, finish sewing the blinds I'm making & watch something trashy on the telly.

(Please don't forget there is a 15% discount on the whole of my shop too)

A Fruitfull Market Trip.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Today we went to Totnes, every Friday there is a market, & they have some really lovely stuff for very reasonable prices indeed. We got so carried away we got a parking ticket. Not so reasonable.

I am on a complete mission now to buy things to put in Cornwall. In the midst of collecting art & paints. Also, I am going to try & make some roman blinds, so have been watching numerous confusing YouTube videos, that I'm sure I can't understand.

A lovely wooly blanket. Player's Please card books & two vintage tea towels, to frame. A load of frames, from charity shops, recycling centre & market, all need to be revamped. Amazing vintage linen table runners, for making into blinds.

It's going to be a busy weekend! Hope everyone's weekend is full of a mix of creativity, relaxation & partying. Of course.

Secret Admirer.

Hello there.

Well for once I have actually been a little short on things to blog about. Normally I am stopping myself from blogging too much but this week RM & I went down to Cornwall to do some decorating & being away from computers, tellies, etc was quite nice really. But also, I'm glad to get back to a bit of iPlayer.

Anyway, I have reached over 100 'admirers' on Etsy! Whatever this means, so I thought I'd celebrate. I understand this is a very small achievement, but an achievement none the less. So, I am hosting a little sale in honour. You can receive 15% off all items in my shop when you use the code SECRET at the check out :)

Tomorrow I will be putting up all of my lovingly hand screen printed tees & sweats on & they are the last ones I will be doing, each one unique & one of a kind (see some here).

Please take a little look.

Ooooh thank golly gosh it's Friday, right!


Saturday, 11 February 2012

A whole post on labels? How boring! Well... I like them :)
I totally forgot to get pic of all my dresses together (all 8 would have looked lovely I think).
But I did get some snaps of my snazzy labels. I did these big painted ones to sew into the back of the dresses, the colours match & the shop wanted something with my brand but no website.
I think I will do them again, they have a certain impact.

Also, to attach to the dresses I did a little tag. I always enjoy doing little jobs like this, I like an excuse to play around on Photoshop. Just a brief description of me & the dresses & mainly there to reinforce the 'made in England' which I want to drill into people's brains!

Unrelated, here are two lovely new pictures by RM, I think they are very lovely...

{PS: I say lovely a lot!}

Backyard Market London (& Give Away Winner!)

Friday, 10 February 2012

Last Sunday we spent all day freezing our socks off at the snowy Backyard Market in London. I'm not going to lie, it was a bit of a flop. Just as the country goes into a big freeze we decide to sell cotton dresses & t-shirts. Oh well. You live you learn!

Here are some pics of our stall. I thought it was very pretty as we are still market amateurs:

This week I have been frantically getting together my order for a local shop, I must learn how to organise myself! (I feel I say that a lot?) I will post some pictures soon, I forgot to get a nice image of them all together. Silly silly.

Also, I almost forgot about my first ever give away. The winner is Anya of Anya Adores. Thanks to everyone for all the support. Don't stop 'liking' me & following me please, it's very lovely of you. & watch this space, more give aways soon I promise :)

Happy weekend lovely people.

Studio Sunday: Portable Studio

Sunday, 5 February 2012

This weekend we've been in London. Doing some cultural things, seeing some theatre, eating tasty food & visiting some galleries (gift shops).

As I'm not at home I can't show what is up in my studio - but I did take my sewing machine with me to do some last minute sewing, I set it up in the corner of the flat & it was very handy indeed.

Some other piccies of LDN:
 Me & RM eating pastries & feeling chilly & looking silly:
 Hanging animals in Borough Market:
St Pauls at night on the South Bank:
(Didn't catch any of the snow - it was pretty magical & very cold)

Oh. Snow.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Tomorrow me & RM will be selling a bunch of lovingly hand printed tees & sweatshirts (along with other goodies) in East London at the Backyard Market.
Don't be shy if you are a London dweller brave the snow & browse the stalls.
We will reeeeally have to wrap up warm!

{image source}

 This is a picture of Arnie when he was young & very strong & muscly looking. I don't know why.

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