Saturday, 11 February 2012

A whole post on labels? How boring! Well... I like them :)
I totally forgot to get pic of all my dresses together (all 8 would have looked lovely I think).
But I did get some snaps of my snazzy labels. I did these big painted ones to sew into the back of the dresses, the colours match & the shop wanted something with my brand but no website.
I think I will do them again, they have a certain impact.

Also, to attach to the dresses I did a little tag. I always enjoy doing little jobs like this, I like an excuse to play around on Photoshop. Just a brief description of me & the dresses & mainly there to reinforce the 'made in England' which I want to drill into people's brains!

Unrelated, here are two lovely new pictures by RM, I think they are very lovely...

{PS: I say lovely a lot!}


  1. These look fab Izzy! Hope your Brick Lane stall went well. My folks were here so I couldn't make it down but next time I'm gonna come and buy one of those heart screen print t shirts. They'd make great valentine's cards.

    Love the handprinted tags. x


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