Emerald and Florence

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Model - Ljiljana Pajovic / Styling and photography - Isabel Knowles 

These are the last photos from my lookbook shoot. I hope you have enjoyed them. There are a few pieces I did not include and a few I am discontinuing from the collection. Your feedback always means a great deal indeed.

This shoot draws from my initial inspirations when creating the collection, but is also inspired by other sources from the same period - including some of my favourite novels 'I Capture the Castle' and 'Cold Comfort Farm'. The innocence and naivety of country life as it aspires to the City's high society and Hollywood. Debutantes and dairy maids.

You can shop the collection in Etsy or in my shop. Also, read more about it here.

Daphne and Trixie

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Model - Ljiljana Pajovic / Styling and photography - Isabel Knowles

Rosie and Madeline

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Model - Ljiljana Pajovic / Styling and photography - Isabel Knowles

 (I've decided to release the images from yesterday's shoot in sections. This way I get to pick more of the pictures I like without creating one mile long post)

Golden Fields

Monday, 22 July 2013

I finally shot a bunch of photos to go with my Only A Sunny Smile (SS13) collection. These photos where taken so I could release the collection into my shop, but back in March there wasn't much sun to do a nice summery looking shoot.

I had so many different plans for where to do it but the weather wasn't right or I couldn't get people together, so it got put off and off, and then I thought I should give up and just concentrate on getting my next collection shoot done.

However, with this usually consistent hot weather we've been having I just felt it was now or never. So today I shot 2 rolls of film on my film camera, the sun was shining and the fields where golden brown, it felt almost like we were in Italy! The films have been developed and I'm so happy with the results - I was panicing that they would all be a fuzzy blur - and I'll be sharing the proper look book with you over the next few days.

The collection is already available to buy in my shop here and Etsy here.

i n s p i r e d : Annie Hall

Thursday, 18 July 2013

I just love Diane Keaton's style in Annie Hall. The tom boy shirts and turned up trousers are delightful. Also, she's got a beautiful grin. I re-watched it recently and it's such a good film and so classically Woody Allen, funny and slightly sad.

I hope everyone's having a lovely week and those of you British folk are enjoying this heatwave. Today I sat in a paddling pool with all my clothes on and then realised I had my phone in my pocket, I'm a proper doofus sometimes.

Pink Flowers

Sunday, 14 July 2013

/ / Sunglasses - ASOS / / Dress - H&M / / Top - My grandma's \ \

Hello friends. Things have been pretty hectic and then pretty relaxing and now they will just be back to the normal hectic/relaxing ratio. It was my sister's wedding last weekend and then we had our annual family trip to Cornwall which we've been doing since the beginning of time I think.

I thought about taking my sewing machine and trying to do work but instead I decided it would be a good time to book it in for a service - the poor thing was making some rather weird noises. So I have had a lovely few days away from internet and phone signal and I feel so excited to start working again.

These photos were taken way back in May I think. I thought I'd take them on a rare sunny day when summer was just beginning. It has now been hot for a ridiculous 10 days (at least) in a row and I'm not quite sure what to do with myself, so I chopped off all my hair today. It made me think of this.

English summer when you are good you are the best. Here's to sunny days and home haircuts.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

I love going to Glastonbury so much. It is the best festival in the world and has something that you can't pin point that makes it better than the rest (probably the ley lines right?). I've just returned from my 11th time at Glasto and I thought I'd share some amazing photos from way back when the festival started. I'd love to be able to do a bit of time travel and watch Bowie back in 1971.

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