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Sunday, 14 July 2013

/ / Sunglasses - ASOS / / Dress - H&M / / Top - My grandma's \ \

Hello friends. Things have been pretty hectic and then pretty relaxing and now they will just be back to the normal hectic/relaxing ratio. It was my sister's wedding last weekend and then we had our annual family trip to Cornwall which we've been doing since the beginning of time I think.

I thought about taking my sewing machine and trying to do work but instead I decided it would be a good time to book it in for a service - the poor thing was making some rather weird noises. So I have had a lovely few days away from internet and phone signal and I feel so excited to start working again.

These photos were taken way back in May I think. I thought I'd take them on a rare sunny day when summer was just beginning. It has now been hot for a ridiculous 10 days (at least) in a row and I'm not quite sure what to do with myself, so I chopped off all my hair today. It made me think of this.

English summer when you are good you are the best. Here's to sunny days and home haircuts.


  1. Ilovethelastpicture, and I adore your outfit. Those sunglasses and the skirt are wicked awesome.

  2. love everything about this. so beautiful! i love your hair

    1. Oh thanks! I probably shouldn't have chopped it all off, ha.


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