Summer Sale Last Chance

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Today is the last day of July... Wowzers. So, it is also the last day of my summer sale of 15% off all of my Summer Collection with code SKUNKBOY over on Etsy. Tomorrow there will be no more discount, so if you've had your eye on something now is your final chance at getting it a little cheaper. Furthermore, I only ever buy a limited amount of the fabrics & some are going going (almost) gone forever!

These photos are from my summer shoot with Rob & Jess - It was such a lovely last minute day.

I'm so sorry about the lack of blogging on my behalf. I'm sure it's not made a massive impact on anybody's life. I've really been so busy & not had time to think of what to blog about/document what I've been up to or load any of it onto my computer. Last weekend we were working at Camp Bestival, a family festival in Dorset. Dorset is so beautiful & the sun was shining all weekend which made a nice change.

As soon as I got back yesterday I had to make some finishing touches to orders, email people, start some new orders, pack up dresses to be sent yadda yadda yadda. All this is happening as well as trying to create my Autumn Winter 2012 collection in time for release in early September & planning a party we are having this weekend. I mustn't complain though as I know that I have points where I am twiddling my thumbs & complaining I have no work. I love the feeling of being busy. But, it is nice to relax & watch a film when you are truly exhausted (we all watched Ghostbusters in the middle of the day yesterday before I got on with some more sewing).

Anyway, I'd like to say that at the moment, I am loving what I do. Perhaps I thrive on a little bit of stress, does anyone else feel the same? I'm very grateful for all the amazing things I get to take part in during the summer touring with my sister, festivals are such inspiring artistic places. As well as a lot of fun :) Also, it's so nice to really feel like I am starting to get noticed a little bit more, with an increase in blog readers & orders & all that stuff, it's just nice to know that someone reads all the crap I write & do. So thanks for reading! Am I getting a little too gushy now? Sorry.

Summer Lovin'

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Well hello there summer!
We took a little very last minute trip to Italy this weekend which was probably a silly idea when I have a lot of sewing to do. I just had to escape the wettest summer in the history of man kind though.

But enough of summer lovin' & how about some Bloglovin eh? I set up an account a long long time ago but as with most Internet endeavours I didn't quite understand it so brushed it to the side, however, it's come to my attention that a ton of people use it as their way of following blogs, so I must be missing something right? Also, if you want to follow me via it then I now have a link in my side bar :)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

What is everyone's preferred way of reading blogs? Am I stuck in the dark ages cos I still just view them through my blogger account?

Hope all is super & sunny wherever you are! Ciao bellas!

Untimely Summer Colds.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ahhhh, I've been so busy this week it has been very nice but I also got a rubbish cold whilst at Latitude which was not so nice. Lots of coughs & sneezes :(
First off, I would like to say HELLO to all my lovely new followers, I'm very excited you have joined me here on my blog & hope you enjoy your stay.

This last week I've been featured on the Skunkboy blog quite a bit.  The super lovely Katie wore my 'Red Delicious' dress that I sent her (picture above) & she just looks amazing in it! See the photos here. I also have a little giveaway over on her blog, to enter check it out here.
 Also also, I am having a special 15% off any item in my summer collection with the code SKUNKBOY. Do it.

I've been at Latitude over the past weekend & that went pretty great to, so fun to be back on the road. Saw some amazing comedy/theatre/music etc (as well as working very hard obviously) & can't wait for the other festivals.

So, I will leave you with this lovely song by Tune-Yards, we saw them Friday night.
They are wicked.

Studio Sunday: So Much To Do, So Little Time.

Monday, 9 July 2012

This week we are properly rushing to get everything finished in time for the Videopia festival tour. We head off to Suffolk to Latitude festival on Thursday & as always we seem to be cutting it pretty fine.
I've made a start on the girls uniforms in some left over red & white spotty fabric I had from a NYE dress. It looks a little weird in the photo, I haven't finished shaping the bodice & I have a feeling I'm gona end starting again as I think they would look great in all polka dot.
(I have a new adjustable tailors dummy - I love it)

Whilst I've been sewing, Rob has been real busy pap maching his socks off. These are the beginnings of what will be some fearsome dinos from Jurassic Park!

This weekend we have been drinking a lot of casual rum & watching a lot of Tour de France.
Now I must dash - I have a lot of faux fur onsies to make before the night is out.

Is anyone planning to go to any festivals this summer?
I really missed the lack of Glastonbury (it's the first year I've not been since I was 9, booo), but, there are so many amazing festivals going on these days it really is quite exciting.

i n s p i r e d : The Great Gatsby.

Friday, 6 July 2012

I read The Great Gatsby a few years ago & I loved it so much. I try & mainly read novels written in/about the 1920s-40s, just because, well, they make me happy. I can't wait for the film
Here are some amazing images that make me yearn for the beach in the 20s, followed by some gin & dancing, of course.

Rain Rain Go Away

Thursday, 5 July 2012

& just please don't come back until October maybe? Thanks.

So lovely to hear about all your holidays, England can have such perfect summers, when it's good it great & you'd never need to venture off the island.

It's pretty wet & foggy here in Cornwall. Yesterday was lovely & sunny for a bit so we walked to the beach & braved the sea & then stuffed ourselves with fish & chips, washed down with shandy bass. Today is pretty erratic, so I'm getting some sewing done.

To feel more summery I have made this treasuryI also listen to this album on repeat. It is my favourate.

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