Saturday, 29 December 2012

I am so pleased to share this with you. My Poppy dress been featured in Betty magazine & it is so beautiful! I received a copy in the post last week & it is just splendid it feels all soft & smells divine like paper & ink. The piece I'm featured in is all about film & it's themed around Moonrise Kingdom with beautiful props made by Hattie Newman & it's right up my street.

 You can get a copy here :)

The rest of the mag is jam packed with interesting articles & pictures. Thank you Betty team for involving me in this lovely magazine. Love it.

Pastel Party Dresses

Sunday, 16 December 2012

As I said a few weeks back, I spent a week flat out making some party dresses but then the order feel through :( So I had to do a rather last minute photo shoot so I could market them in my own shop. Well they are now up in shop, YAY! (If I don't sell them I am going to be very tempted to keep them myself)

My original designs:

A little make-shift party atmosphere for the last minute shoot in the bedroom - all photos taken on my conventional SLR from the 70s.

I actually quite like the naff vibe they put out, I know some are blurred or out of focus but I rather enjoy that aspect of using film. It was an lovely if not very rushed little photo taking session & I was lucky enough to have my two big sisters on hand to dress up! I have actually already sold the yellow one (huzzah!) but if you are interested in the others please take a gander in my Etsy shop - blue, pink & spotty. If you don't have Etsy drop me an email on mail{at}isabelknowles{dot}com

Well, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, I think I will be pulling an all nighter finishing off Christmas orders, oh what a silly person I am! & we haven't even got a Christmas tree yet. Oh the shame!

Seasons Greetings

Thursday, 13 December 2012

The season I am talking about is not Christmas time though. In work - & life - you often need to clear out the old to make way for the new. So, I have reduced all my SS12 collection by 15% as I need the space - both physically & mentally - to get on with my next years SS13 collection. Check out the collection here & all the photos here.

I only have enough Chevron fabric for 1 skirt or dress, or 2 pairs of bloomers. I have enough Mixed Apples for 2 dresses & I have 1 dip dye tee, so don't dilly dally if you want something!

Studio Sunday: Feature On Chickiedee

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Today I've been featured on the lovely RobbieLee's blog Chickiedee in her own Studio Sunday series. Take a peak into my studio & read a little interview here.

Thanks to RobbieLee for the feature! It was really interesting to think through my studio space & take pictures of the little details that I forget from them being there every day.

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend. I've been up in London this weekend & it has been such a lovely break in this busy time of year, back to the machine tomorrow! (well actually I have a few to finish tonight). Is everyone getting into the Christmas spirit? I'm going to get a Baileys...

Studio Update

Monday, 3 December 2012

This last week I've been working on some pastel party dresses. They were for a custom order but things fell through, so they will be available in my shop this week. These dresses are totally one of a kind, a lot of love has gone into making them, here are some photos I took on my film camera whilst I was working:

It is sad when an order falls through, I always throw my heart into it a little too much probably. But, it is all experience, & I love letting my imagination run away no matter the outcome. The dresses are all a UK size 8/10 & will be between £200/300, it may seem a lot, but some of them have taken me days to complete, I really enjoy doing the little hand sewn details that make a garment feel truly unique. If you ever have any ideas for a totally unique dress of your own, don't hesitate to contact me. You can see my inspiration for these dresses here.

i n s p i r e d : Dedicated Followers Of Fashion

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Britain on Film is a very good series of programs that has been on BBC Four lately, lots of lovely beautiful footage of Britain in the 60s, with very nice narration too. The latest one was called 'Dedicated Follower of Fashion'. Here are some stills from it:

It says a lot about how Britain has always been a big part in founding fashions, & ever since I was about 15 I've longed to go back in time & hang out at Worlds End, perhaps not with some of the frightening hair dos shown though. I also find it sad how proudly this program talks of the industry we used to have in Britain. They could make a lady's undergarment in under half an hour from start to finish! Fashion was a major export. I always find it ironic that I send most of my dresses to Europe, US & Australia, when this is really a little home grown business I always expected to sell local first, but I suppose this is the ways of the internet, & I feel very proud to be producing something in Britain today, as it seems to be rather a rarity. But anyway, that whole subject will be tackled at a later date, as I could waffle on & on about it. For now, lets just dream about being in the 60s & be proud & jealous of the past, & maybe dress up & do your hair & dance around silly to this song.

Has everyone has a lovely start to the week... golly it's almost December! I've been very busy (sewing til 4am oh gosh) working on some custom pieces that I can't wait to share, for now you can check my instagram to stay up to date.


Saturday, 24 November 2012

Just got a few films developed. Some of these photos are left over from summer. I feel life through an old camera lens appears better than reality...

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