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Sunday, 16 December 2012

As I said a few weeks back, I spent a week flat out making some party dresses but then the order feel through :( So I had to do a rather last minute photo shoot so I could market them in my own shop. Well they are now up in shop, YAY! (If I don't sell them I am going to be very tempted to keep them myself)

My original designs:

A little make-shift party atmosphere for the last minute shoot in the bedroom - all photos taken on my conventional SLR from the 70s.

I actually quite like the naff vibe they put out, I know some are blurred or out of focus but I rather enjoy that aspect of using film. It was an lovely if not very rushed little photo taking session & I was lucky enough to have my two big sisters on hand to dress up! I have actually already sold the yellow one (huzzah!) but if you are interested in the others please take a gander in my Etsy shop - blue, pink & spotty. If you don't have Etsy drop me an email on mail{at}isabelknowles{dot}com

Well, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, I think I will be pulling an all nighter finishing off Christmas orders, oh what a silly person I am! & we haven't even got a Christmas tree yet. Oh the shame!


  1. These are all sooo lovely! Oh my goodness, I want them all.

  2. Just gorgeous! I love your room decor too!

  3. I love the dresses, so cute! And I like the styling for the photo shoot as well :-)

  4. You guys all look so lovely. Alice is so gorgeous in that yellow dress. Can't wait to see what you come up with for her bridesmaid dresses :) xx

  5. that pink number makes my heart flutter

  6. You are so talented!


  7. i really love your designs! and i really like the result of the photos, looks really vintage!

  8. Oh I love them all! Especially the pink one. :)



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