Saturday, 29 December 2012

I am so pleased to share this with you. My Poppy dress been featured in Betty magazine & it is so beautiful! I received a copy in the post last week & it is just splendid it feels all soft & smells divine like paper & ink. The piece I'm featured in is all about film & it's themed around Moonrise Kingdom with beautiful props made by Hattie Newman & it's right up my street.

 You can get a copy here :)

The rest of the mag is jam packed with interesting articles & pictures. Thank you Betty team for involving me in this lovely magazine. Love it.


  1. Oh congratulations, it all looks fab what a great end to your year x

  2. Nice one Izzy, your dress looks great alongside those lovely props x

  3. Wow, congratulations!! Not only is Betty a beautiful magazine, but being in a Moonrise Kingdom feature is so swoonsome. Your dress is lovely and really fits in x


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