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Monday, 3 December 2012

This last week I've been working on some pastel party dresses. They were for a custom order but things fell through, so they will be available in my shop this week. These dresses are totally one of a kind, a lot of love has gone into making them, here are some photos I took on my film camera whilst I was working:

It is sad when an order falls through, I always throw my heart into it a little too much probably. But, it is all experience, & I love letting my imagination run away no matter the outcome. The dresses are all a UK size 8/10 & will be between £200/300, it may seem a lot, but some of them have taken me days to complete, I really enjoy doing the little hand sewn details that make a garment feel truly unique. If you ever have any ideas for a totally unique dress of your own, don't hesitate to contact me. You can see my inspiration for these dresses here.


  1. So gorgeous! I spotted your photos on Instagram and I am so glad to have found this blog! :)

  2. oh wow these are so wonderfully beautiful!
    love livvy xoxo

  3. That polka dot tulle is KILLER. xoxoxo

  4. Oh man, well, at least now some lucky dame will look freakin adorable in any of those! I love the sailor/Peter pan collars, they make everything instantaneously cuter.

    Love your work! If you have time, would you mind swinging by my blog and letting me know what you think? I'm just getting started in the community and would love your input!


    Gypsy Alchemy

  5. Oh, the pink one looks gorgeous!

  6. wow they're all so pretty! it's a shame the order didn't work out.

  7. Read a few pages and get the real pleasure from your blog!


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