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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Britain on Film is a very good series of programs that has been on BBC Four lately, lots of lovely beautiful footage of Britain in the 60s, with very nice narration too. The latest one was called 'Dedicated Follower of Fashion'. Here are some stills from it:

It says a lot about how Britain has always been a big part in founding fashions, & ever since I was about 15 I've longed to go back in time & hang out at Worlds End, perhaps not with some of the frightening hair dos shown though. I also find it sad how proudly this program talks of the industry we used to have in Britain. They could make a lady's undergarment in under half an hour from start to finish! Fashion was a major export. I always find it ironic that I send most of my dresses to Europe, US & Australia, when this is really a little home grown business I always expected to sell local first, but I suppose this is the ways of the internet, & I feel very proud to be producing something in Britain today, as it seems to be rather a rarity. But anyway, that whole subject will be tackled at a later date, as I could waffle on & on about it. For now, lets just dream about being in the 60s & be proud & jealous of the past, & maybe dress up & do your hair & dance around silly to this song.

Has everyone has a lovely start to the week... golly it's almost December! I've been very busy (sewing til 4am oh gosh) working on some custom pieces that I can't wait to share, for now you can check my instagram to stay up to date.

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  1. Oh, I wish I could watch it! iPlayer's not available outside the UK. All my honours work at uni was based around fashion retail in 1960s london. It was originally going to be about britain's influence on the fashion world but there is SO much information I had to keep getting more and more specific! it's still such an obsession for me, I hope this shows up on youtube at some point


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