Spring Summer Sneak Peek

Monday, 25 February 2013

(rather bad quality phone photos)

Yesterday I woke up & there was snow on the ground. A little bit silly considering we were due to shoot the Spring Summer collection, but we packed up the heaters & set off to take the photos. It was a really fun & freezing day. I am so grateful for Lilj my beautiful model & Beci my talented photographer (bottom middle photo - Beci is actually crouching down, but they height difference was pretty extreme), oh & Rob the general help & tea maker, for being such troopers & I am so excited to see the results. It's not easy to look warm & summery when you are half naked in an icey barn but Lil did the job so wonderfully & all the garments suited her a real treat.

Later this week I will release the collection for sale in my Etsy shop & my online store. I'll also be posting a few posts here about the thoughts behind the collection, the fabrics I have used, pieces I have not ended up including & other ramblings...

Sketch Book

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

 Hello lovelies!

Here are some pictures of my SS13 sketch book. I always have a bit of a funny relationship with my sketch book, I hated doing sketch books as part of my work in school & college & I think this put me off for a long time. I always have my note book with me but it ends up just full of lists & calculations. When I was in London a few weeks ago I decided to buy a nice simple A4 book in which I could really concentrate on my Spring Summer collection & I've loved having something to sketch in. I am also trying to practice my fashion illustration & get a 'style'. I'm by no means there yet, but practice makes perfect. I've really missed drawing, & I'm so happy to start it up again.

Also, we rearranged our bedroom so now we have the desk in the window, so no excuse not to sit & draw in this lovely spot.

i n s p i r e d : Studio Dreaming

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I am so lucky that I have a creative space to work in, but I can't help letting my mind wonder at the moment & dream about the most perfect studio space. I may be moving into a bigger studio, which I am too excited about I can't cope.

When it comes to interiors my taste is normally not that modern or minimalist but I really think that my dream work space would be clean (maybe), white, simple & effective. The key is lots of natural light & open shelves for everything to be in it's right place. I'm so in love with all the images above. Oh la la.

I hope everyone has been stuffing their faces with pancakes today, I totally forgot, but will be working late tonight so they will make the perfect midnight feast.

You Give A Little Love - Valentine's Giveaway!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Hello there, well I've got a little Valentines day outfit to share, oh & a present to say 'I totally heart you'...

/ / Dress - my Poppy Dress in green / / Collar Clips - Ladybird Likes / / Shoes - Kate Kanzier  / / Duvet cover - Cath Kidston \ \

So as Valentines day is swiftly approaching, I thought I'd do a little giveaway here to say thanks for reading. I am offering one lucky lady (or gentleman?) these sweet pastel pink collar clips from Ladybird Likes. I've done a lil bit of a Moonrise Kingdom styling here with my favourite pair of brogues & some binoculars, naturally.

The dress in the photos is a little sneak peek into my Spring Summer collection. The Poppy dress that was part of my AW12 was the most popular in the collection, so I thought, hey, why not make it in some new summery colours & fabrics. So I did.

To enter in this giveaway all you have to do is make sure you follow my blog (only if you actually want to, not just cos you like presents) then leave a comment here saying what pretty colours you love to wear most in the summer time (yes I'm using this for market research too). If you want another entry check out my Facebook page here. Giveaway closes on Tuesday 12th Feb, good luck lovelies.

Oh & I'll leave you with this...

* * Giveaway winner is Becky Bedbug! - Enjoy your collar clips :) * *

Studio Update

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Above: Freshly dyed organic cotton to make into dresses & Liberty fabrics / Drafting my patterns onto thick card / 'Research' looking through beautiful magazines that I bought in London & getting together contact details - I'm not much of a PR woman but I can try / My new beautiful woven labels that I am so looking forward to sewing into dresses, it feels all grown up & professional like.

We got back from London on Monday & it's been pretty damn busy getting things in order for my Spring Summer collection since then. It's so good to be back in the countryside, the sun has been shining & there is a real feeling of spring in the air, so I'm feeling so happy to be sewing & everything is slowly & steadily coming together.

I hope everyone is having a lovely February so far & is feeling a little Spring in their step! Don't forget if you wanna keep up with my day to day workings check out my Instagram - also the hashtag #iknowss13 or #isabelknowlesss13

Hampton Court

Friday, 1 February 2013

Today we went for a day trip to Hampton Court. It was lovely & quiet & we wondered around with our audio guides getting a bit lost, pushing through massive doorways, prancing around the gardens & having awkward conversations with the people that worked there.
/ / Shirt - My grandma's  / / Shorts - Urban Outfitters / / Cardy - Celtic / / Tights - M&S \ \

I wish I knew more about all the history, or just history in general. I have decided I am going to learn. I want to be able to picture every single person that has lived or walked in a certain place throughout the whole history of time, but in one single moment, & just sort of understand it, we decided that would be sort of enlightenment. Alas, I think your head would probably explode if that happened. I do love thinking about Henry VIII storming up & down the hallways, the ladies in waiting, women fainting from corsets that were too tight, the cooks, the kids & the animals. Such a big place full of activity. I also love to think about what they were all wearing, I bet they looked a right treat.

Also, these pictures cannot even begin to show how massive some of those antlers were. Honestly, they must have come from some serious mother flipping beast. Really, quite fabulous.

Tomorrow I am off to buy the rest of the fabric for my SS collection. I cannot wait to be in a haven of Liberty prints, it is going to be so good & soooo tempting.

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