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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

I am so lucky that I have a creative space to work in, but I can't help letting my mind wonder at the moment & dream about the most perfect studio space. I may be moving into a bigger studio, which I am too excited about I can't cope.

When it comes to interiors my taste is normally not that modern or minimalist but I really think that my dream work space would be clean (maybe), white, simple & effective. The key is lots of natural light & open shelves for everything to be in it's right place. I'm so in love with all the images above. Oh la la.

I hope everyone has been stuffing their faces with pancakes today, I totally forgot, but will be working late tonight so they will make the perfect midnight feast.


  1. Bella! I am loving the ideas!
    One day I hope to set up my own blog/shop/studio but right now I can live through the delightful ideas you show :)

  2. I agree. I'm not that minimalistic either, but in a workspace I feel I need space for my thoughts and my creativity.

  3. I adore these. I think I like the first one the best, but I'm not sure because all of them are so great!

  4. Oh, my. The beauty-lover in me always sighs a little over these beautiful workspaces. I long for the exposed wood beams and natural light and interesting ceilings and raw brick. My workroom is finally getting set up to suit me, but it's hard to make a low-ceiling'd, built-in-the-1970's, windows-that-don't-open, covered-in-anti-fatigue-mats-so-I-can-stand-all-day, spare apartment bedroom this enviably lovely. ;)

    Ah, but that sounds like ungrateful complaining! Mustn't whine. ! I have space of my own AND I still get to oggle these gorgeous studios. I'm a little obsessed with that handmade wooden clothes rack in the sixth photo!

  5. Wow, imagine having all that space! Amazing. How exciting that you might be moving into a bigger space - keep us posted!


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