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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

 Hello lovelies!

Here are some pictures of my SS13 sketch book. I always have a bit of a funny relationship with my sketch book, I hated doing sketch books as part of my work in school & college & I think this put me off for a long time. I always have my note book with me but it ends up just full of lists & calculations. When I was in London a few weeks ago I decided to buy a nice simple A4 book in which I could really concentrate on my Spring Summer collection & I've loved having something to sketch in. I am also trying to practice my fashion illustration & get a 'style'. I'm by no means there yet, but practice makes perfect. I've really missed drawing, & I'm so happy to start it up again.

Also, we rearranged our bedroom so now we have the desk in the window, so no excuse not to sit & draw in this lovely spot.


  1. I hated keeping sketchbooks at school and college too. I love the idea of a sketchbook but I'm never very motivated to actually do it.


  2. That banana skirt is brilliant! I really love it and it really captures the 1920s image but without looking like an adaptation. Are you thinking of making it? (don't worry if you want to keep your collection secret! I'll understand)

    1. Thanks Ally, I am planning on making it as part of my collection but I have left it til last as worried it won't come out well. Tomorrow I will tackle it!

  3. I don't have any sort of design education, so getting glimpses into how you're putting your summer collection together is fascinating. Thank you for posting about your process!

    And man, that banana skirt-- I think 'jolly' is the only word. Can't wait to see it realized in fabric!

  4. The banana skirt is inspired by Josephine Baker isn't it? Ever since I heard you were doing a 20s inspired collection I've been looking forward to it with bated breath.

  5. Looking good - I'd love to see more posts like this as your sketchbook fills up!?

  6. I love the banana skirt! So funny :-)

    And that bedroom... wow! Love the windows with the view, that is just the kind of spot I'd like to have here in our house.

  7. ilooovethis. You're so talented! I could never do something like that,.

  8. I found these photos so inspiring. I'm trying to get back into sketching and despite also hating notebooks during school, am now hoping to get one for myself. Hopefully it will inspire me as much as yours has you.

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  9. Oh my gosh your window is just amazing. Aaaaaand I love that banana skirt!

  10. wow. such an inspirational spot. those windows just stole my heart. and your sketchbook is just gorgeous. i'm excited to see more.

  11. I love the dress with the fern design at the bottom! It’s very youthful, yet graceful. Looks like putting the desk in front of your bedroom window is a great idea! I believe a more natural atmosphere triggers creative neurons effectively. Looking forward to seeing more of your designs! :D


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