Hampton Court

Friday, 1 February 2013

Today we went for a day trip to Hampton Court. It was lovely & quiet & we wondered around with our audio guides getting a bit lost, pushing through massive doorways, prancing around the gardens & having awkward conversations with the people that worked there.
/ / Shirt - My grandma's  / / Shorts - Urban Outfitters / / Cardy - Celtic / / Tights - M&S \ \

I wish I knew more about all the history, or just history in general. I have decided I am going to learn. I want to be able to picture every single person that has lived or walked in a certain place throughout the whole history of time, but in one single moment, & just sort of understand it, we decided that would be sort of enlightenment. Alas, I think your head would probably explode if that happened. I do love thinking about Henry VIII storming up & down the hallways, the ladies in waiting, women fainting from corsets that were too tight, the cooks, the kids & the animals. Such a big place full of activity. I also love to think about what they were all wearing, I bet they looked a right treat.

Also, these pictures cannot even begin to show how massive some of those antlers were. Honestly, they must have come from some serious mother flipping beast. Really, quite fabulous.

Tomorrow I am off to buy the rest of the fabric for my SS collection. I cannot wait to be in a haven of Liberty prints, it is going to be so good & soooo tempting.


  1. This is absoloutly breath takingly gorgeous. oh my.

  2. What beautiful photos! I haven't been to Hampton Court in years!


  3. Oh my goodness - stunning! :)

  4. Oh, wow -- your hair is gorgeous. Lovely photos as well.


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