Studio Sunday: Videopia at the V&A

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hello there! What a busy busy week. Whilst the snow was falling outside we were frantically sewing, pap maching & glittering in preparation for the wonderful event at the V&A with Videopia. It was the Friday Late which was a glorious event full of movie magic.

I was tasked with making the costumes for Wizard of Oz & Rob was making the props & backdrops. My lovely friend Iona bought her sewing machine round & we had quite a little production line going. As always things got a little messy & hectic, but it all pulled together at the last minute & we packed up the van & headed to London.

The video will be uploaded very soon to the Videopia Youtube channel. I'll also have some pics of my costumes in action! I'm up in London this week & we've already been to see some lovely exhibitions & hopefully planning a trip to Hampton Court, I haven't been since I was a littlen.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend :)


  1. Hi Isabel - hope you are having a fun week in London... I have a friend who is selling her gocco along with lots of ink/screens and stuff for printing on fabric too so thought of you. Email me alexis at something i made co uk and I can put you in touch with her - it's all in London too so if you did want to go for it you could collect it this week...!? (Be careful what you wish for and all that)!


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