Studio Sunday: A Flying Visit.

Monday, 27 August 2012

A quick stop at home tonight & a needed bath has been really lovely. We drove all day down from Shambala festival, which was so so nice. Everyone was very friendly & there were a good amount of old trucks/horseboxes/caravans for us to geek out about. Tomorrow life in the tent continues as we are off to Cornwall for 5 days.

Lots of post came for me whilst we were away, all stuff I have bought for myself & all sewing related. Very exciting. Some beautiful pale blue organic cotton sateen which will be making an appearance in my AW collection. This week I will be tweaking my samples for the collection & working out all the branding/photo shoot, doing some drawings to accompany it, & a lot of sewing & knitting too!

This is a rubbish post, for which I apologise. Just wanted to drop a line to say hello.
I do hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. & now to bed, for we rise at day break. Night night.

On The Road Again

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tomorrow we are off with Videopia again. This time to Green Man festival in the beautiful Brecon Beacons. Then from there we are off to Shambala, then home for a night to grab my machine & have a shower & then off to Cornwall. Being on the road all summer is really fun, but it is super tiring too, having to pack up & move every few days & then be all bright eyed & bushy tailed chatting to people all day, lots of dry shampoo & baby wipes is an essential!

It's become pretty rainy here again, today was blowing a ruddy gale, but fingers crossed... oh dear, hello 2 weeks in a soggy tent. England I love you, but please can I see some sunshine?

Here are some photos that were developed today, it looks sunny here, I've had a very lovely summer, I just hope there's a little bit more sun to come.
(who says English people talk about the weather all the time eh?!)
Oh, & thank you all so much for the feedback on the collar. It is so lovely to be able to be interactive with this type of thing. I care what you guys think :) I've gone with number 3, but will defo be using other embroidery stitches at a later date. I hope to release my A/W collection in the first weeks in September, I know, a little late - as always. I will be sharing more with you all soon though! Have you guys started buying Autumn Winter items yet? As I'm in my first year of business I find it very tricky to stay ahead of the game when making & designing, but it's all exciting I know that.

Also, any orders made this week please allow one extra week for me to make them up (up to 4 weeks rather than 3). Also also, I am so very almost out of Chevron fabric - it's been one of my favs from the SS12 collection. I have enough left to make 1 more 'Ziggy' skirt or perhaps 2 pairs of 'Blooming Lovely' bloomers... don't miss out.

Studio Sunday: Collars.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

This weekend in my studio I have been working more on my A/W collection. I am trying to create a more diverse collection. I find myself stuck to pretty dresses with full skirts & snazzy prints. Don't get me wrong, I love those types of dresses, but I want to have a more choice & substance to my garments, especially when it comes to A/W, as we all need something practical & warm that we can wear in different ways.

For this particular dress I have been experimenting with organic cotton denim. It has a beautiful weight - not to thick, a little bit of stretch & a great rich red colour.

This is the basic shape of the dress - it will end up a simple, but elegant & wearable shift dress. However, I am adding a collar, because I love collars, & I want to add something to make it stand out & feel special.

Here are some samples & testers of collars. I was playing around with embroidery, it really adds the detail that I have been craving.

Which one is your favorite? I just can't decide!

PS: I wasted about an hour & a half earlier faffing about with HTML to make some little buttons (on the left). So, I finally figured it out & I hope they work. If you wanna grab one for your blog feel free :)

Flowers & Foxes.

Friday, 10 August 2012

A few days of English summer.

It has been lovely here for a few days. It won't last I am sure. We have been picking a lot of flowers to adorn the house. These wild flowers are the most beautiful.

Here is a little look at my new dress for my A/W collection.
It will hopefully be in shop in the first few weeks in September:

I have been waiting to include a dress made from Foxie fabric in a collection since the very first dresses I made last year. By the time I found out about Monaluna fabrics she had sold out of the original Foxie fabric. So, when I found out she was including it in her new collection in a different colour pattern I was overjoyed.
If you like the Foxie fabric as much as I do then you can have any of my Classic Collection made up in it.

I hope everyone has a super weekend!
I'm on a roll with creating/sewing at the moment. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Why Are Pirates Called Pirates?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Last Saturday we had a 'Nautical Knowlesfest' at our family house in Devon. It was pretty fun to say the least. Lots of glitter, face paints, food, dancing, frivolity, music, lots & lots of rum & only some rain.
Rob spent all week making props to hang about the garden & his costume. I was pretty chocka-block with sewing all last week so when it got to the day of the party my costume was merely a kids leotard I bought from the recycling centre, a massive bag of sequins & a rather hideous 80s hat.

I started sewing on the sequins by hand whilst watching The Life Aquatic, but I ended up going mad so I bodged it a little by doing it on the machine. Not the neatest, but less maddening. I then glue gunned a lot of fake little rubber fish to the hat, along with some old fishing net we dragged off the beach in Cornwall. Hey presto, a costume. (After covering myself in blue face paint & glitter & back combing my hair of course).

The party was such a blast. & I just can't wait for the next one. The house feels terribly quite now everyone has gone home. I have a lot to distract me though with my A/W collection, of which I will be sharing some tasters later this week :)

We set up a photo booth in the tipi so we could get some photos of everyone dressed up. It's the first time we've done this at a party but so glad we did! Here are some of my favs, perhaps I am bias, as it is my sis Harry wearing some bloomers I made & Susie looking stunning in my Battenberg dress. (Also, a funny pic of Rob & I)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend too :)

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