Studio Sunday: A Flying Visit.

Monday, 27 August 2012

A quick stop at home tonight & a needed bath has been really lovely. We drove all day down from Shambala festival, which was so so nice. Everyone was very friendly & there were a good amount of old trucks/horseboxes/caravans for us to geek out about. Tomorrow life in the tent continues as we are off to Cornwall for 5 days.

Lots of post came for me whilst we were away, all stuff I have bought for myself & all sewing related. Very exciting. Some beautiful pale blue organic cotton sateen which will be making an appearance in my AW collection. This week I will be tweaking my samples for the collection & working out all the branding/photo shoot, doing some drawings to accompany it, & a lot of sewing & knitting too!

This is a rubbish post, for which I apologise. Just wanted to drop a line to say hello.
I do hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. & now to bed, for we rise at day break. Night night.


  1. Ah I've been to Shambala before, it was lovely--don't remember much except driving there in a van and napping looking at the sky and trees moving past. Sounds like you're being super productive! x

    1. Probably not being as productive as I sound, ha. Shambala was lovely! Sounds like nice things to remember to me.


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