i n s p i r e d : The Birdcage

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

(photos are shoddy screen grabs - sorry)

I watched The Birdcage this evening. I love that film, I hadn't seen it for years. Along with loving all the wonderful drag outfits - of course - I've become obsessed with the dress Calista Flockhart wears to super. The shape is pretty 90s and she can pull it off a treat. The collar on the dress is wicked. Adding it to my 'must make myself something a bit like this' list definitely.


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Some photos of life lately. This film was so interesting to get back from the developers, it starts with the most shitty weather, heavy fog and soggy mud everywhere. By the end it is starting to look a lot more spring like with dafs on the ground and some bright sun cracking through the clouds. The last photos are taken in St Ives at Easter, the light is always something special in St Ives, you can see why so many artists have been inspired there.

The Macaroon

Thursday, 18 April 2013

(Dress in pictures made from Heron pattern 100% organic cotton)

I've added a new dress to my Classic collection of dresses. This one is named the 'Macaroon'. It is the same silhouette as the Little Black Dress but is available in a colourfull selection of organic or vintage cottons just in time for Spring.

The dress is also for sale in my Etsy shop.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. The sun is starting to shine here and even though I was planning on selling the sample dress I'm wearing above I think I will keep it and wear it all summer long, it's time I started wearing more of my own creations.

PS: Look at the tiny wire hanger I made for the collage! I don't know why but it was so satisfying and quick to make, I want to make a whole miniture wardrobe now.

Most Days

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

This is what I wear most days when I am in my studio. I seem to only wear blue striped clothing of some variety on weekdays. I made this dress as my uniform and I live in it. It has shrunk a lot since I first made it as it seems to get covered in paint and dirt so I hot wash it a lot. I always have a tape measure round my neck so I don't lose it, these note books are my favourite and wooly slippers are my essential all year round.

Does anyone else wear the same old things to work everyday? I always loved wearing my school uniform but I always got told off for being scruffy or not having the right stuff. I was probably trying to rebel in a very tame way.

Studio Sunday: AW13

Sunday, 14 April 2013

A little snippet of the next collection I'm working on, autumn/winter 2013. These are some very early sketches and ideas. I've had the ideas brewing for this collection for at least a year, so it's really great to finally start putting pen to paper/scissor to fabric. I've started playing around with fabric too. I'm in love with this very soft airplane cotton. To check out more of the inspiration look here.

It seems a little mad but I'm currently working on three collections. Also, trying to market Only A Sunny Smile and keep on track of orders.

Hope everyone's had a relaxing weekend, we're still waiting for the sun here. I thought he had his hat on last weekend but now it is nothing but grey skies. Forecast for sunny intervals tomorrow though, hurray!

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