Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Some photos of life lately. This film was so interesting to get back from the developers, it starts with the most shitty weather, heavy fog and soggy mud everywhere. By the end it is starting to look a lot more spring like with dafs on the ground and some bright sun cracking through the clouds. The last photos are taken in St Ives at Easter, the light is always something special in St Ives, you can see why so many artists have been inspired there.


  1. These are such beautiful photographs. The type I aim to take and faily miserably! I'm inspired to pull out my film camera again!

    1. Oh thanks Kit. Yes pull out your film camera! I am so bad with a digital camera but even when film goes a bit wrong it still looks sort of magical.

    2. These photos are fantastic, may I ask what type of film camera you are using ?

      thanks :)

  2. Wow, Izzy these are really beautiful photographs x

  3. pretty photos, that sixth one down is really beyond incredible


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