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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Today I have been doing a belated Autumn/Winter shoot with photographer friend Beci McDonald. It was such a fun & tiring day but I am just so excited to see the photos & get some decent ones to send out to people, use to create a proper website & even get round to making myself some business cards. Beci will be sending them over beautifully edited soon, which is just too great.

For now, here is a little video that Rob did for me of the day & the shoot.

Holidays Are Coming...

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Well, not really, but I seem to be doing a lot of preparing & it's getting busy busy.

Over the next three weekends I am going to be doing stalls around Devon, so we have decided to cash in on the Christmas shoppers & make some special Christmassy bits to sell. I've teamed up with artist (& friendly boy) Rob Mason to make cards. By 'team up' I mean, I forced him to do the illustrations whilst I did all the computer editing, photoshopping & ordering off line. We've ordered them off Moo so hopefully they will arrive this week with some gorgeous red envelopes.
 We will be selling them for £2 each or £5 for 3.
Feel free to send us & someone else some Christmas love.

Other Christmas items to follow.
(bunting, xmas decs, candels, etc.)

Knickers & Knitters

Friday, 18 November 2011

This week I have made some funny little undies out of my lovely organic cotton, these are just practice ones, but I am hoping to make a few more sets to sell at Christmas markets. I think they make very cute presents, especially for someone special (or yourself).
These are some inspirational examples; lovely catwalk bralet combos, & Free People, who I just discovered & think are gorgeous, do a lovely lot of bloomers.

'Knit Infested' was a stall me & my friend Iona had at our village Dickensian market when we were about 14/15, I think we made about £100 selling chunky knitted hats, which isn't too bad really.
Now Iona is doing neuroscience & I am still preparing to do the village Christmas market...
How things (don't) change.
I am doing a photo shoot with a photographer friend in a few weeks to get some good proper pics of my dresses, but I wanted some accessories, especially wintery ones, so am making some knitted goodies, I might try & sell these too. Knitting is therapeutic.

Oh Grandma...

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

what big eyes you have! I have made this cape. My mama gave me an old velvet curtain that she was going to throw out, & I just had to make it into this little circular cape.
Ever since seeing Jane Eyre I have been feeling inspired by the clothing in the film, but at last I got round to making something.
I'm also really into using bias tape to edge things at the moment, it makes such a lovely finish & can look lovely in a contrasting colour too. (The navy trim on the yellow cape).

I also made my sister this dress for her interviews last week (she got offered both jobs), she's a real grown up doctor lady, so I had to make something a little more simple & sophisticated, but still bold using the gorgeous Peony print organic cotton.
MATCHING MATCHING! Just for giggles.

Remember Remember

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The evenings are feeling chilly & it smells of autumny wintery goodness. But luckily it is warm(ish) in my studio so I have been busy making some little skirts & finishing off my screen printed T-shirts & sweatshirts.
Check out all tees & sweats here!

In Totnes market on Friday I bought this very tiny little sewing machine, to add to my ever growing collection. I like it.

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