Holidays Are Coming...

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Well, not really, but I seem to be doing a lot of preparing & it's getting busy busy.

Over the next three weekends I am going to be doing stalls around Devon, so we have decided to cash in on the Christmas shoppers & make some special Christmassy bits to sell. I've teamed up with artist (& friendly boy) Rob Mason to make cards. By 'team up' I mean, I forced him to do the illustrations whilst I did all the computer editing, photoshopping & ordering off line. We've ordered them off Moo so hopefully they will arrive this week with some gorgeous red envelopes.
 We will be selling them for £2 each or £5 for 3.
Feel free to send us & someone else some Christmas love.

Other Christmas items to follow.
(bunting, xmas decs, candels, etc.)

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