Oh Grandma...

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

what big eyes you have! I have made this cape. My mama gave me an old velvet curtain that she was going to throw out, & I just had to make it into this little circular cape.
Ever since seeing Jane Eyre I have been feeling inspired by the clothing in the film, but at last I got round to making something.
I'm also really into using bias tape to edge things at the moment, it makes such a lovely finish & can look lovely in a contrasting colour too. (The navy trim on the yellow cape).

I also made my sister this dress for her interviews last week (she got offered both jobs), she's a real grown up doctor lady, so I had to make something a little more simple & sophisticated, but still bold using the gorgeous Peony print organic cotton.
MATCHING MATCHING! Just for giggles.


  1. awww Alice is such a cutie! Love the cape.
    Would love to collaborate too, it's a great idea! x

  2. I love the cape! And the dress is beautiful. What gorgeous fabric. :)


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