Spring Summer Sneak Peek

Monday, 25 February 2013

(rather bad quality phone photos)

Yesterday I woke up & there was snow on the ground. A little bit silly considering we were due to shoot the Spring Summer collection, but we packed up the heaters & set off to take the photos. It was a really fun & freezing day. I am so grateful for Lilj my beautiful model & Beci my talented photographer (bottom middle photo - Beci is actually crouching down, but they height difference was pretty extreme), oh & Rob the general help & tea maker, for being such troopers & I am so excited to see the results. It's not easy to look warm & summery when you are half naked in an icey barn but Lil did the job so wonderfully & all the garments suited her a real treat.

Later this week I will release the collection for sale in my Etsy shop & my online store. I'll also be posting a few posts here about the thoughts behind the collection, the fabrics I have used, pieces I have not ended up including & other ramblings...

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  1. Ooh exciting... looking lovely! That must have been so much fun, despite the cold!


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