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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I haven't been to London for a few months & am really missing being able to stroll around exhibitions over & over, especially the hours I used to spend staring at the dresses in the permanent collection at the V&A.

Here is a list of amazing looking exhibitions at the moment that I simply must go & see... SOON!

(click on images for sources)

I'm planning a trip to London at the end of November & I imagine it's gonna be pretty jam packed with museum & gallery visits.

Have any of you been to or heard of any good exhibitions at the moment?


  1. I stumbled across the Tim Walker exhibition last week, it's brilliant. Go there first!

    1. I know I must see it - I didn't even know there was one until I saw it on another blog. He is amazing!

  2. Ah they all look amazing! I'd love to go the BIba one. Let me know if you fancy a coffee when you're in London, would be great to see you and get Alice along too xx

    1. Yeah! Think it may be early December & probably braving the cold & doing a market so I'll be rallying everyone I know in London to come along & make the cold pass quicker.


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