Greyscale Days

Friday, 9 November 2012

The sun is rarely seen these days. We've had some beautiful crisp autumn skies but they seem to have disappeared behind a grey cloud & I have forgotten what they look like.

I have too many tailors dummies they are taking over. I am doing my best impression of one here.

Today I was wearing my Iris dress, it is wool & lined & has kept me toasty warm all day. I have uploaded all my other AW samples onto Etsy at discounted prices, grab 'em quick cos you won't see them again at this price.

I hope everyone has a cosy weekend.


  1. so beautiful! i love the iris dress! hope the samples sell well :)

    the dark is closing is, makes it feel like a different era, a different world!

    I wish i had a tailors dummy, they are so useful!

    barnicles x

    1. I have an amazing new one that adjusts, so handy! But all the old ones just look nice :)

  2. That dress is cute. Beautiful photos!


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