Golden Fields

Monday, 22 July 2013

I finally shot a bunch of photos to go with my Only A Sunny Smile (SS13) collection. These photos where taken so I could release the collection into my shop, but back in March there wasn't much sun to do a nice summery looking shoot.

I had so many different plans for where to do it but the weather wasn't right or I couldn't get people together, so it got put off and off, and then I thought I should give up and just concentrate on getting my next collection shoot done.

However, with this usually consistent hot weather we've been having I just felt it was now or never. So today I shot 2 rolls of film on my film camera, the sun was shining and the fields where golden brown, it felt almost like we were in Italy! The films have been developed and I'm so happy with the results - I was panicing that they would all be a fuzzy blur - and I'll be sharing the proper look book with you over the next few days.

The collection is already available to buy in my shop here and Etsy here.

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