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Friday, 17 February 2012

Hello there.

Well for once I have actually been a little short on things to blog about. Normally I am stopping myself from blogging too much but this week RM & I went down to Cornwall to do some decorating & being away from computers, tellies, etc was quite nice really. But also, I'm glad to get back to a bit of iPlayer.

Anyway, I have reached over 100 'admirers' on Etsy! Whatever this means, so I thought I'd celebrate. I understand this is a very small achievement, but an achievement none the less. So, I am hosting a little sale in honour. You can receive 15% off all items in my shop when you use the code SECRET at the check out :)

Tomorrow I will be putting up all of my lovingly hand screen printed tees & sweats on & they are the last ones I will be doing, each one unique & one of a kind (see some here).

Please take a little look.

Ooooh thank golly gosh it's Friday, right!

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