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Sunday, 5 February 2012

This weekend we've been in London. Doing some cultural things, seeing some theatre, eating tasty food & visiting some galleries (gift shops).

As I'm not at home I can't show what is up in my studio - but I did take my sewing machine with me to do some last minute sewing, I set it up in the corner of the flat & it was very handy indeed.

Some other piccies of LDN:
 Me & RM eating pastries & feeling chilly & looking silly:
 Hanging animals in Borough Market:
St Pauls at night on the South Bank:
(Didn't catch any of the snow - it was pretty magical & very cold)


  1. Now you've made me longing for London! Me and my boyfriend went on a weekendtrip to London last year and although we had planned to check out Borough Market we missed it. Now when I see all those dead animals I'm kind of glad we did, vegeterian and all as I am :p Btw, you boyfriend reminds me a bit of Guy Martin if you know who that is :)

  2. Love the skeleton. My mum has one in our attic in Devon, it's called Fred and used to freak the hell out of me whenever I went up into the attic. Hope the market went well today. I really wanted to come by and buy a t-shirt but my folks are here this weekend. The snow was ace! x


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