Studio Sunday: Sun, Spring & Sweatshirts!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Today has been a lazy Sunday, it's been splendidly sunny & such a feeling of spring. We actually had brunch outside (okay it was very very chilly) but things are looking up.

I can't share any photos of my studio today as it is just such a mess. Like, an unbelievable mess. But I have been taking photographs of my sweatshirts that I am trying to clear. I bought a bunch of sweatshirts a few months ago, & set about the long process of creating my own screens at home (lots of staple gunning & paint stains on tables). But since then I decided to focus on my dresses. I still enjoy screen printing, & want to print some of my own fabric to make into skirts & dresses, but for now I want to sell the last of my tees & sweats & focus on creating a lovely summer range - I have too many ideas for photo shoots & dresses & need to collect my thoughts & ideas & create something!

But for now, here are my sweatshirts, if I really love all the designs (I know I designed them but shhh), & if I could keep them myself I would, but I already have a ton of sweatshirts & I realised that my very undignified uniform for most days is an old school PE jumper & a pair of leggings. May not be super stylish, but you can't argue with comfort!

Gosh, I am such a rambler, must learn to be more concise in my words, I love to natter is the probs.

I've really got that Sunday feeling today, I think I shall have a bath, finish sewing the blinds I'm making & watch something trashy on the telly.

(Please don't forget there is a 15% discount on the whole of my shop too)

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  1. Good spring collection! during every season sweatshirts are looking cool and stylish!


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