Thursday, 8 December 2011

Last weekend I did my first fair, it was a bit of a muddle but it was only in my village so quite a good practice run. I was displaying my dresses but ended up selling mainly these little vintage tea-cup candles "tea lights" that I had made up that day with a bunch of my granddads old crockery & some beeswax I'd ordered online.

This Sunday I will be at the Totnes Christmas Art and Craft Fair, having a stall with Helen Melland & Rob Mason. The week after I'll be in Exeter, busy busy, I hope to sell a little more but would be happy for people to take my card & have a think about organic clothing would be nice.
Above: Us at the Lustleigh Christmas Fair. Me with an array of disorganised makes & Rob Mason with some 'friendly taxidermy'

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  1. Your stall looks so good! Love the friendly taxidermy too. I'm thinking of doing a stall at Brixton market maybe in March time once I've made some stock, so if you fancy a trip to London and braving a market stall with me that'd be so fun. x


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