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Monday, 31 October 2011

This weekend I went to visit my sister in Brighton, she was doing Videopia at White Night.
We had a lovely weekend eating a lot & wondering around antique shops & cafes, I only took my film SLR so pics will have to wait.

I bought this lovely plate from the Flea Market, it's 'Beardy Man' by Donna Wilson & I got it for under half the price of what they are new.

I want to have the matching egg cup!

(& I love his rosie cheeks)

Also, when it comes to makes I have done the following; a tote bag! I know that maybe I have gone a bit crazy putting this design on everything, but it's my favourite, so I am allowed to. It's a tote that is perfect for A4, made from 100% organic cotton on the outside & inside is vintage fabric (a lovely old bed sheet that I have been ripping up), it also has an inside pocket to put your phone & wallet, I need to add a little button to make sure nobody goes picking a pocket or two, but this one I am keeping for myself anyway. If you would like me to make you one, I'll charge you twelve English pounds & would be happy.
Oh & another thing, I have made a purse for a friends lady friend, I hope she likes it, making things for other girls as presents is tricky, I'm a perfectionist in my mind but not in reality.
I make my wallets from recycled leather from a local cobblers & the lining is from the recycling centre, I love buying from there. Here are some images.
I can make you one of these too, £20 please :)


Thank you, happy Halloweeeeeen!

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  1. love the donna wilson plate. I quite fancy doodling on plates myself!


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