God Save The Queen.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Well. What a long weekend! But more busy & tiring than many others. I'm a bit of a royalist. I mean, not properly, but I think that our royal family is pretty great & Charles is a dude.

Last week I had to make about 300 metres of bunting for a job for my father's company. Loadsa school kids had drawn flags & we got them printed up on canvas & I had to cut it up & sew it into bunting. It was tiring & highly repetitive. & whatever the ink was they used to print it was making me feel pretty spacey. Not so nice at 1am with all the windows open & moths coming in. Anyway, I got it done & sent on time - which was good!
I also made this papier mache crown for a photo booth type job.

On Sunday we made a ton of cakes & cucumber sarnies. Whilst poor ol' Queenie had to watch a bunch of boring ferries go down the Thames we chilled out with neighbours & ate & drank in the garden. Very lovely.

Muma & lotsa food & drink:

 Piles of plates:

Yaz & scones, the shed, the tipi:

Phew! Today we were up in Somerset helping kids decorate cupcakes in the pouring rain. I'm so sleepy & a bath & stew & bed early are just what the doctor ordered.

Happy jubilant Jubilee folks.


  1. Oh my...that table looks amazing! Would love a day like that :)



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