Summer 2012

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Too late for my little summer collection? Well, the summer seems to have come & gone here in England. It lasted about a week. Never mind, there's hope yet!

I am actually working on an A/W12 collection at the mo & getting that styled, made & out in late August - so this is all a little confusing. I will be releasing about four special limited edition summer items over the month of June. So, here is the first two pieces:
The inspiration:

The making:

More summery things coming next week. Although, I'm not feeling too inspired as it hasn't stopped raining in at least a week here - what does the sun look like again?
Oh & thanks to my lovely model Ljiljana, my cousin & oldest friend. I will be using her for her body again next time she's down from London.


  1. Love the summer pieces Izzy, so nice! If you need a photographer (for free) when your collection is ready then let me know as I'd love to shoot for you. Hope you're having a good summer (or whatever we're having) o far! x

    1. Wow! That would be amazing, will defo be in touch about that. If you have any knitted items you'd like to collaborate with too I'd be very up for styling with some AW pieces. (& promise not to be so disorganised this time round)

  2. Your so talented... loving the summer pieces! x


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