Studio Sunday: Pumpkins / Onions / Lanterns?

Sunday, 10 June 2012

This week has been pretty busy. It was my birthday on Thursday, & it was horribly rainy & windy all day. Rob had a day off so it was pretty nice lighting the fire early & watching Mermaids (little Christina Ricci is the cutest thing!)

Anyway, the whole gang came home on Saturday & we went shopping in Totnes - I got a few vintage goodies for my birthday that I'll share next week. But we mainly came away with fabric for dress commissions from my sisters.

This is a gorgeous soft cotton fabric from the fabric shop Stones. It is meant to be Chinese lanterns, but we thought it looked like onions or pumpkins, & I sort of like that better. So, I spent today making it up for her.

I want to keep this for myself! Luckily we are the same size so I get to 'borrow' it :)


  1. How cute! They do look like whimsical pumpkins! :)

  2. They kinda look like tomatillos!

  3. A very, very belated happy birthday to you! That fabric is just awesome :) Love what you've done with it :)


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