Frock 'n' Roll New Years Eve

Monday, 2 January 2012

Ahhhhh, can't believe Christmas & New Years is over! It's all been such a blur, so hectic & lovely.

For NYE we had a big party at our family house in Devon, we had a 1920s theme last year & this year was 1950s/Rockabilly, which was the perfect opportunity for me to make some 50s inspired dresses & also make everyone's Christmas presents at the same. Two birds. Lovely.

Here is a little inspirational mood board of 50s bits I've been saving.

1) Old vintage patterns with lovely simple illustrations.
2) I've finally watched all of the BBC's 'The Hour' on DVD, such amazing costumes & beautiful looking.
3) Cute tops with interesting details.
4) Very full full circle skirts, perfect for dancing!
5) Nautical inspiration & simple colour schemes.

I made Alice a mini polka dot skirt for her Christmas present (that I thought was also sensible enough for her to wear again for work etc), then eventually made Harry & my dresses the night before New Years Eve.

(Also this is my favourite photo of the night)


  1. Alice looks gorgeous! Great dresses too. Happy New Year x

  2. That second picture is a corker.


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