Just Another Manic Monday.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Happy Monday one & all. Today I start work on my shop order, plan my stock for coming markets & tidy up my studio (I must, I must!).
But for now here are some pictures from my old SLR that I have only just got developed, as always. I love it though, I think it was my parents when they were young & it takes reliably charmingly slightly wrong photos, or maybe that's just me...
these pictures are from bits of life between October/December '11.

Visting Harry & Wes - Brighton - October.

Winter walks & amazing views - Home -  December

Tidy for my photo shoot - My bed in the window - November

 The recycling centre, where we shop mainly - Chagford - December
Right, with all this stuff to do I seem to have got a silly amount of coughs & sneezes, a lemon & honey & off to work.
I hope everyone else is having a lovely manic Monday.


  1. Beautiful photos. Makes me miss Devon. x

  2. Gorgeous photos! I particularly love the 'smash face while washing dishes' number. That's how I feel while doing dishes, too ;)

  3. oh my gosh where do you live? that area seems so gorgeous! your bedroom is very classy too :)


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