Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Postage & Packing: This week I have finally got my first Etsy sale packed up & posted to Australia (there were delays over Christmas time & with silly me/PayPal).

Print: I also received my proper business cards. 250 of them, so everyone I see for the foreseeable future should be expected to get a bundle! I also couldn't resist getting little address stamps & stickers with photos & website on.

Planning & Preparation: Ahhh, also, I have got a meeting with a local shop that sells ethical clothing/shoes/accessories next week. I am scrabbling together a portfolio to show off my pieces & trying to brush up my older designs & perfect my seamstress skills... fingers crossed!


  1. Love the look of your business cards, they look lovely :)

  2. good luck!! I'm always looking up at ethical clothes, hope it goes well for u. I like the drawings u r making in the pics =)

  3. Nice photos:) Your Business card are cool!


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