Artist's Studio: Rob Mason

Thursday, 5 January 2012

My friendly boy Rob has finally built his studio shed in a field near our house, we ordered the shed way back in October but it is up & running now, & just so lovely.

It still needs a lick of paint on the outside, but I really love the hotch potchness of it, reminds me of all the hours I've spent looking at the Tiny House Blog & dreaming to have one of my own.

We couldn't quite finish painting the interior as the wind at the moment is unbelievable & we started to get a little frightened of falling trees & other goblins & creatures that hide in the woods.
I'm too excited for summer to hang out here & to make tea on the woodburner when it's installed.

A little dream come true.

PS: I am going to start a little feature 'Artist's Studio', featuring an artist (& their studio) about once a month. Please let me know if you are an artist (& have a studio) that I can come & take pictures of.
Thanks :)


  1. You guys totally kill me with how cute you are. Can I come for tea in your little house? Love it.


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