Studio Sunday: Putting The 'Stress' In 'Seamstress'!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

This is my new 'feature' {Oh how bloggy!} - Studio Sunday. It's a little insight into my studio - what I have been up to last week & what I have to do...

So, well, I really do seem to make things more stressful than I need to! I am awful at leaving things to the last minute & letting projects pile up, but I am trying to turn over a new leaf, I promise.

This is an image I love from 'Print Workshop' a book I got for Christmas, it's my latest addition to my bookshelves & it is full of fun projects & step by step guides on how to create lovely things. Also, it is just so nicely illustrated throughout.
Here is my fabric hanging in the bathroom, we don't have a tumble drier & I am pre-washing all my fabric before making it up to avoid shrinking/colour running. Time consuming, but essential.
This is my Battenberg design - one of the ones I am creating for Conker, as well as Frangipane.
 An old Singer machine I bought to add to my growing collection, I love it, it's so 50s & makes me think of housewives sewing their pinnies.
 (Oh & this is my very messy window - the dumping ground really -
full of scraps & things that I need to sort out... Oh dear... I probably shouldn't admit this)


  1. Your house seems so beautiful! I would love to see more pics :)

  2. Love the red bathroom walls. I really need to start painting the walls in my flat in bright colours! Lovely feature too x

  3. Lovely to see your dresses hanging there together. Also I can sympathise with the fabric-drying situation :)


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