Studio Sunday: Catching Up With The Rest.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Hello there, I hope everyone had a super weekend.
This is my Studio Sunday post for yesterday (I spent the whole day sleeping as I am am such an old lady these days & not used to going out on a Saturday night - it totally takes it out of me!). Also, today is a very sunny day. So it is sort of Sunday right?

So here is some of the things I've been up to over the last week:
I made myself this uniform. I hate having to think of what to wear everyday & I wanted something practical & stylish to work in. So this is perfect. It's made from soft hard-wearing cotton & has huge big pockets so I can stuff things in them throughout the day without putting things down & losing them.
I pretty much live in it now!
 Here are some sunny pictures from my studio today. I have decided to always have a bunch of fresh flowers in my studio so I can not miss out on the loveliness out doors when I'm sewing. I picked these on a stroll this morning. I love wild flowers!
This is a dress I am working on for my summer collection. Now, I know what you must think - surely Spring Summer collections were meant to be out about a million years ago? Well, that is true (refer to my title about catching up with the rest). I just find that I am so behind when it comes to releasing things on time! I am more focused on producing quality dresses for my existing orders & run out of time to plan my next collection. I mean properly plan it. I am constantly planning things in my head & they just need to make it into reality really. So, I will be organising my shop soon & will be revealing 4 new summer designs over the next few weeks. As well as designing my A/W collection to be out on time, I promise! This is an unfinished version of one of the dresses (I'm really enjoying the way it looks so far).
Over the weekend I have been knitting a blanket - here it is so far. This is just for me, I like knitting & always just do it in the winter which is silly. Can't wait to wrap this round me on some chilly summer evenings in front of fires & all that. Although, it is acrylic so maybe I should keep away from open flame...
I am selling this sample top I made a few months back over on Etsy. I love the apple fabric but I've decided not to continue with the shape. I think it is rather cute though.

Ahhhh, it's nice to be all up to date again. & it's nice to share these things with you. I'd love any feedback on what you think about a summer collection? I'm really in love with yellow at the moment, but I know it's not for everyone (I'm so pale that I have to be careful of it).
I would also like to say a big old hello to all my new followers who've come over from Skunkboy, I am so overwhelmed.
Thank you!


  1. Love the uniform idea, I also have that problem; love clothes but hate choosing what to wear day to day! Also yellow is RAD!

  2. Ooh what a pretty yellow! I've been wanting to make a yellow dress lately but I'm afraid it will make my skin tone look sickly :/

  3. I love your uniform dress and the summer yellow dress. I'll keep my eye on your shop as I've got a wedding to go to in August and really want a new dress for it! x


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