Smell What You Sell.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Yes, the title is a quote from Alan Sugar from this weeks Apprentice. Yes, I like trashy TV quite a bit.
But, to be honest, I think he might be right.

I have been debating with myself as to where to go with my dresses & shop. Part of me wants to move on from my old shapes & create a new collection with new styles & new fabrics. But then again if I was part of the 'real' fashion industry what would I be planning now? Autumn Winter 2013? Well, that's just to far ahead for me! I like to live partly in the here & now (maybe a few months ahead). & design for real people in real life.
I feel like I am getting tired of making the same old dress that sells, but I also feel like it is amazing that people want to wear something that I have designed & made. I cannot say, oh no, I am over that, when everyone else likes it. If I was to pause for a minute  & see it through fresh eyes I realise I love it too.
I've got through 2 bolts of the Soar fabric already, & am in the process of ordering more, & these things really are about trial & error. Especially as I am teaching myself as I go along.

I never know if people just forget that I will make up the dress in whatever fabric they desire! I can understand that they see the picture & want that exact one. I'd love to have the same dress in all different variations though.

Let's stop this waffling. What I mean is this, I bought this fabric Flowerbed back in November & it's not selling as well as the others. I thought it was a slow goer in the winter as it is super summery. However, summer is almost upon us & I still have a fair bit left. So, this means a sale. I love this fabric, the colours are interesting & the shapes are fun. But, smell what is selling, & I want to get people out there wearing the fabric! Rather than it sitting in my studio.

So, any dress made from the Flowerbed fabric will be discounted by 20%. It's hard for me to do, but otherwise I will have to make myself a whole wardrobe out of it!
Any shape. Any size. This fabric. 20% off. Please get in touch if you have any ideas.
& check out my Etsy shop for inspiration.

I'm sure this post doesn't make any sense, thank you if you read this far. If not - I don't blame you.

I'm in Brighton over the bank holiday staying with the sis. Looking forward to antique shopping & walks along the sea front.
Hope everyone has a super weekend! :)

Oh, PS. This is some feedback I received this week. It has totally made my year. These things mean the world to me & make me so happy that I made the decisions I did & often question (no uni, no big cities etc).
"I can't say enough good things about Isabel - super helpful, mega talented and patient to boot. She helped me choose the right dress for my summer in New York and it is BEAUTIFUL, plus it looks great with a pair of cowboy boots.. The production and shipping time was quick smart, with a natty wee hand mirror thrown in. 5 stars all round."

Totally blown away. Thanks for letting me chat rubbish on this rather bloggy blog post. I promise the next ones will be pictures only.


  1. Lovely post Izzy. I think it's really fresh to hear you talk about the decisions you make for your business. So may blogs are all about the finished, perfected product it makes it hard to imagine their process behind it all. Congrats on the great feedback too x

  2. Just to say, I love your Blog so much! and Your Etsy shop is Delish! I would definitely buy dresses in this fabric! Here's to when I'm no longer a student and can afford pretty clothes! ;) keep up the amazing work! will be back when I'm qualified and have a real life job :) x


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