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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Quite rightly!
I've been wanting to experiment with natural dying for a while now. So, I suddenly I felt very inspired after seeing this & this.

I tried first with some turmeric that I found in the cupboard. I just did it very simply, by boiling water & adding the turmeric & then adding a few tablespoons of salt to fix it. I tried some different dye effects too.

I was absolutely amazed at how bright the colour came out!

I love it! I am so excited to start more experimenting with more natural dyes. We are growing some up at the organic veg field where I work once a week (Chagfood). In the future I am hoping to be able to make lots more of my own fabrics, print, dye & even maybe weave some? Perhaps with the intention of running courses up at the field about the importance of organic cotton & natural dyes (it seems to be growing more important to me by the day).

If anybody has had any experiences in home dying I'd love to hear. I'm all for learning from other people's mistakes :)


  1. Wow - gorgeous colour. Have you tried using beetroot - I used it many years ago and produced a fab shade of pink.

  2. Nicely done! Maybe you should try and find your local meeting for the Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. I've been to a few meetings near me and it's very inspiring - they normally have a small fee to go to meetings and special workshops and I found people were so willing to teach extra bits and bobs. I went home feeling like a dirty great sponge all full up of new knowledge.

  3. It's so nice!! I think I'm going to try it very soon!
    *I've just discovered your work and I really love it!!!

  4. Wow that yellow is remarkable! Have you tried washing it yet? I hope you do more natural dye posts - I use Rit dyes frequently but having a natural option would be incredible.

  5. I would love to try this, but I'm curious, how
    does the color hold up after several washes?

  6. Have you seen She's a natural dyeing machine. Love your blog! So glad I found it. :)


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