Friday, 2 August 2013

Some photos of garden days from a few months back. I like that with film you don't get to see you're photos instantly, especially as I normally save all my films up and end up spending a fortune on getting them developed. It's always a nice surprise when you get the prints back.

I'm off on holiday tomorrow for two weeks and I can't wait. The shop will be open still but I will wait until I get back before making things up. I've done three staying up all nights in the last week to get everything finished and now I am sat in bed eating left over lasagne and crying my eyes out watching Pretty Woman. I need to get some sleep.


  1. It's night time in India but I can feel the sun on my back and the leaves rustle in the gentle breeze as I see these pictures.. Beautiful.

  2. Beautiful set of images... love the (real) light leaks

    1. Thanks :) My camera is old enough to add it's own effects without me asking.


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