Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The first piece of some one of a kind Liberty pieces I will be slowly releasing. The main reason for this collection is that I simply can't resist the beautiful Liberty fabrics. This pattern is one of my absolute favourites.

This top is named the Gardener as it is so wonderfully and colourfully floral, also reminds me of my good friend Chinnie as she always looks beautiful wearing Liberty fabrics - She runs this market garden. (and I suppose because gardening flyers where hanging around when I took the photos and when I was looking through them it seemed an appropriate name)

You can buy the top here. If you fancy it in your own size or something else in this fabric do let me know.


  1. I love the print. I don't have any Liberty fabrics, but the print looks so familiar. I'll have to go look through my fabrics to see what it reminds me of :)

  2. This is gorgeous. I love the print!!


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