Monday, 19 August 2013

Hello friends! I've been on holiday. A proper one, where we spent lots of time sitting on the beach and drinking beers and reading books. It was in the south of Spain and it was so so beautiful, I thoroughly recommend it. I also recomend this book - it is very good indeed and unbelievabley interesting and sad and funny.

Back to work today in the deep end, getting my AW collection together and starting to build/decorate a new studio space. There's a change in the air which feels like the end of summer. I've got a proper back to school feeling.


  1. Love the back to school to feeling and also the the change in the air. Every year when it's august-september I feel like it must be the best time of the year ^^ Although, my vacation is'nt over yeat, still have a few more weeks to go! Looking forward to your AW collection btw. Wish you would do a coat in vintage fabric since I have a hard time finding a good wool coat with the right look second hand (I don't buy anything from animals when it's new).

    1. I know, I'm trying not to dream away the last few weeks of summer as it is still so beautiful outside. Ahh I wish I had the skills to make a lovely woolen jacket! I am hoping to include some British wool products and was thinking of bringing back the cape in a vintage/sustainable wool fabric - it is tricky to find the right things when looking second hand but sometimes you can find real gems too!

    2. Your cape is really cute, although I need something a little warmer. Since I would like not to buy anything from animals at all I'm very curious about "new" sustainable fabrics. What do you think about tencel and polartec?


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