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Monday, 3 June 2013

How does your garden grow? This is the first dress I made for myself after my good intentions to make myself more clothes. It's not gone too well as this one is still unfinished and I have now got a part time job as well as sewing orders to get them out on time.

I don't mind that I don't make myself that much clothing as I get a nice amount of satisfaction knowing other people are wearing it. But still, now summer has arrived I will be making myself a swimming costume (fingers crossed).

The table in our bedroom has become a growing station. It's like a little green house in the window so it's the perfect spot to start off our plants. All these pots are nasturtiums that I'm growing to have on the tables at my sisters wedding. They've shot up since these photos and the table is now a mass of green. My windows need a good cleaning.


  1. Really beautiful photographs! I love your room, so light and big. I hope your part time job is going well :)

    1. Thanks Jo! I love my windows, it's my fav spot.

  2. Oh I really like this dress!!
    Love, Luu


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